Ways to Select the Best Baby High Chair

Just like your infant’s baby crib, a high chair is an important furniture piece for new parents. You’ll desire it to be resilient, practical, simple to clean and also elegant. After all, it’s something you’ll use several times a day for a few years before your youngster is old sufficient to set up highly on his/her very own. The sort of high chair you pick will depend upon your individual design, requires and preferences. Your youngster’s consuming routines, age and also weight need to additionally be thought about.

Types of Baby High Chairs

Some manufacturers make baby high chairs to accommodate babies under 4 months old. These infant-specific chairs are designed to work in the┬áreclining setting for babies who do not yet sit up or who can’t keep a sitting placement. Baby high chairs are a short term benefit to be utilized until your child awaits a normal flexible high chair.

Many parents select an adjustable high chair, which features adjustable heights, seats, and trays that grow with your child and that can be used with a selection of table elevations. Various other practical functions include detachable plastic wanders off, for easy cleaning, as well as lockable wheel wheels that permit you to move the chair around the area, yet keep security when in a fixed position. Some versions likewise fold up to portable size for houses where room, as well as, storage are an issue or for traveling.

Despite their name, standard high chairs typically feature contemporary styles. These high chairs include the most standard components you have to conveniently feed your child: metal or plastic framework, plastic trays and also safety straps. Conventional high chairs have the tendency to be lighter weight than other high chairs, making them the very best selection for mobility as well as storage.

Wood high chairs are making a comeback, mainly because of parents’ wish for the high chair to match or match the design of their cooking area or dining room. Like various other high chairs, wood versions feature trays (wooden or plastic), yet keep in mind that wood trays are harder to tidy as well as may discolor. Wood high chairs will certainly last much longer than those made from steel or plastic, however, they’re more challenging to disinfect. They’ll reveal nicks, scrapes and wear and tear more quickly compared to various other high chairs. Wood seats will certainly make it uneasy for baby to stay seated for lengthy nourishments, so make sure if you select a wooden chair, that it includes a thick, padded pillow.


Whether it’s a safety seat, swing or a high chair, proper restraint is the very best method to maintain your youngster safe and also safe. Promptly strapping your child right into the high chair is an excellent routine to obtain into. For that reason, the high chair you choose ought to include a protected harness or seat strap to maintain your youngster strongly in position and out of harm’s method. The very best high chairs include a plastic restriction and also a five-point harness for maximum safety and security and defense.

The weight of your kid is an additional factor to consider. When reviewing the specs for a high chair you like, make certain your child satisfies the minimal weight demand and doesn’t go beyond the optimum. Other security features to search for consist of lockable frameworks or wheels, which need to always remain in the secured position when your child is seated, and also a tray that could carry weight, in case your kid leans on it. If your high chair’s base doesn’t appear wide or steady with and without your kid in it, return it.

A great resource for youngster product safety and security details is the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). The JPMA accredits products that have actually been manufactured with child security in mind. Products that bear the JPMA logo design seal are good choices. Last but not least, it’s constantly a great idea to mail your item enrollment card so you’ll be alerted in case your high chair undergoes a recall.


Your child will be comfortable if he or she is limited appropriately in the high chair and meets the chair’s minimum as well as maximum weight needs, however, there are various other features to seek that boost infant’s convenience. Cushioned seat paddings will certainly create a better infant at nourishments, particularly if you’re thinking about a wood chair. If your wooden chair came without cushions, it’s a great idea to acquire them individually. As your baby expands, a high chair with an adjustable foot rest is nice to have as well as might make remaining seated in the chair throughout of the entire household’s nourishment a regular fact.

Easy Cleaning

The majority of suppliers and also on the internet merchants listing item requirements in order to help you make the best purchasing choice. When assessing these, seek plastic surfaces that are easy to clean and also maintain tidy. Often, the high chair’s tray will be removable and dishwasher secure. Trays with high sides are most convenient to tidy and also are crucial to consisting of fluid spills. The best of the best will showcase one-hand release so you can maintain hold of your baby while getting rid of the tray for cleaning. Various other easy-cleaning functions consist of detachable seat pads that can be thrown in the washing or are covered in tear-resistant vinyl for wiping and also disinfecting. If you’re buying your padding individually for use with a wood chair, be sure its cover can be cleaned as’s most convenient for you.

Added Functions

Flexible trays suit expanding kids far better and also high chairs with flexible height are excellent choices for different-sized moms and dads or caregivers, who might have to elevate or the reduced the chair to fulfill their very own sitting height. Tray playthings or rotating plaything bars help keep baby delighted prior to and also after mealtimes. Prior to buying the plaything additionals, consider whether play time at dish time fits your parenting design.

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